Where can you find the best Jerk in town? At Jerk Machine, of course. Where can you find real Jamaican Food? At Jerk Machine "The Real Jerk". Desmond and Catherine Malcolm are the proud owners of the successful chain of Jamaican restaurants based in South Florida. They opened their first Jerk Machine location in Lauderhill in December 1989. Ten years later they are running a chain of 8 restaurants, a Warehouse Commissary and a Corporation which boasts over 85 employees.


Jerk Machine specializes in Jamaican Style Jerk Cuisine and has become famous for its smoky, spicy Jerk Chicken and other delectable dishes like Jerk Port, Oxtail, Curry Goat and of course, Jerk Machine's own favorite, JERK STEW PEAS. The customers sway to the reggae music and inhale the aroma from the pimento and scotch bonnet peppers as the wait in line for the flavorful jerk. Jerk Machine offers a fresh and healthy alternative to the other fast food organizations with the food prepared and cooked fresh daily without the use of preservatives.

Both Desmond and Catherine were Born in Jamaica and migrated to Canada in 1977. Their first catering job was their own wedding in 1982. This success led to other catering jobs for friends, family members and many many referrals thereafter. They grew tired of the long winters in Canada and migrated to Florida in 1988.

Desmond used his culinary expertise and Catherine her Business and customer service background to combine together to make a successful Jerk Machine team.

PLANS FOR THE FUTURE: - Franchise, Franchise, Franchise. It is evident that the Jerk Machine Concept has found a niche in the South Florida market. There is no doubt that Jerk Machine can be strategically located in all the major metropolitan cities in the United States, Canada and Europe. Jerk Machine is going Global.

We don't Joke, We Jerk.

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